Kaloyan Tsvetkov


I'm a PhD Student at the Socio-Economic Department in the Faculty of Geography and Geology, Sofia University, Bulgaria. Besides being an active researcher, I'm also part of the organization team for conferences and other scientific events that take place in the university. I'm also the Editor-in-Chief in the scientific web-site (www.soccultgeo.eu) which main articles are related to the Social and Cultural Geography. I am an open-minded, passionate, energetic and hardworking person. I love to work in a multicultural environment with unbiased people. I dedicate my time to read and to do researches related to Social, Cultural and more specifically – Urban Geography. I am interested in topics such as: Urban transformations, Ethnic and religious conflicts, Migration, Demography, Climate changes, GIS. I am really eager to work on projects dedicated to geography, forestry, tourism, environment, science, formal and non-formal education, traveling etc.


  • 2012

    Regional Development and Management

    Sofia University