Salome Margvelashvili


I am 17 years old now and I am trying hard to make my dreams come true. I am studying a lot and to become a journalist. To my mind, journalist is a person who knows something about every important tasks. Therefore, I am trying hard to increase my knowledge about important issues for society. I take part in different conferences. In 2015 I was a delegate of European Youth Parliament, I was a jury member in Giffoni and I was a member of two NGOs but one of the most important thing for me is my vlog. when I was 13 I took a camera and started recording video-reports for my blog, to share all the interesting things I saw in society. I recorded videos about myself, about my city, and about my country. I felt obliged to record both interesting and problematic things and to share them on all media. Reports give me the ability to make difference. Sometimes I think that those videos show me how to change to be a professional journalist and even give me courage. Courage to be a strong woman.