Benjamin Talima


My journey starts with a great passion for human securities and peace as a great tool to enhance development and conflict resolution which propagates diplomacy within different parties. At the helm of my career, a daunting reminder always pushed for PVT (Preventing Violent Extremism), co-existence, equality and working with diverse cultured individuals in harmony.As an ethical hacker and IT Auditor my training in good governance, compliance and ethics created better quality communication based on authenticity and facts backed by evidence. Effective content delivery required for dissemination hence constantly updating records. Peacebuilding skills led me to yearn for greater participation in international affairs through various international forums in China, Japan, Indonesia to mention but a few. With Organizational and coordination abilities I am a valuable addition towards management of events, workshops and public events due to my experience. I believe I am a beacon of hope using


  • 6 years / шесть лет

    Information Technology Officer

    Office of The Auditor General, Uganda


  • 2011

    Information Technology Systems,

    Makerere University Kampala

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